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Newbie / Fresher / Getting Started
  Software Testing Frequently Asked Questions. Start here if you are a new in software testing, or want to learn about QA or have never used this site before... (Read Only, ONLY Moderators can post in this forum. After you have read the posts here, you may start posting in other forums below)
28 255 * Re: Creating Macro Scripts...
    (lakshmi_narasimhan) - 07/21/11 11:55 AM
Functional Testing (28 viewing)
  Software Functional Testing - In here you will find basic definitions for QA terms & sample test plans/cases and getting started information.
3049 22394
    - 12/07/12 02:01 AM
Automated Testing (18 viewing)
  For general discussions about automated software testing tools. Moderated by Ms. Elfriede Dustin; author of Automated Software Testing.
5254 27755 * Re: Suggestions to make a ...
    (Joe Strazzere) - 11/15/12 02:25 PM
Performance & Load Testing (10 viewing)
  This forum is designed for performance, stress and load test tools "non-tool-specific" discussions.
3455 17208
    - 11/15/12 12:52 PM
Exploratory Testing
  Dedicated for discussing topics regarding exploratory testing
25 258 * Re: Exploratory Testing an...
    (afaberes) - 11/21/12 01:45 PM
  This forum is open for all scripting languages such as Java, Javascript, VBScript, Python, Perl, Ruby and TCL topics. Share your code, functions and libraries here.
344 1194 * Need to read Email message...
    (TestEngineer007) - 11/07/12 10:48 PM
Web Testing (5 viewing)
  This forums is for software testing and quality assurance topics related to web sites, web applications and environments only.
2072 10025 * Looking for web automation...
    (dmconsulting) - 11/14/12 02:57 PM
White Papers and Articles
  Post here to read, discuss and give feedback on software testing white papers and articles posted by our users. To post an article, you need to be a moderator or apply for permission to post by sending a private message to the admin.
34 164 * Re: Automated Software Tes...
    (Elfriede Dustin) - 05/26/12 06:27 AM
  This forum is dedicated for topics about testing and virtualization. OS, or Lab setups.. VMware, Virtual Server, Citrix, etc...
44 215 * Does Virtual Box supports ...
    (Neeraj_Gupta) - 07/18/12 04:46 AM
Unit Testing (1 viewing)
  Discuss white box and black box unit testing methods including code coverage testing tool, techniques, etc. Figure out what tools are best for you!
598 2704 * Re: Code Coverage Report
    (FredMan) - 10/26/12 06:44 AM
Security Testing (1 viewing)
  This forum is designed for discussions about security testing.
451 1925 * Re: SQL Injection via URL
    (Chase_Freeman) - 10/24/12 10:34 AM
Usability & Accessibility Testing (1 viewing)
  This forum is designed for discussions about usability and accessibility testing.
151 781 * Test Cases for Credit Card...
    (tksh) - 09/09/12 03:12 AM
Network & Distributed Testing (1 viewing)
  This forum covers testing in networked and distributed systems.
171 486 * Re: Testing Image Caching ...
    (terarist) - 09/27/12 07:51 AM
Mobile Devices, Mobile Apps - Embedded Systems Testing (1 viewing)
  For testing topics related to Mobile Apps (iPhone, Google Android Apps) and other PDAs like Palm, Windows Mobile or any other embedded systems.
390 1582 * Re: Mobile test automation...
    (Conflair) - 12/10/12 07:46 AM
.Net Testing (3 viewing)
  This forum is for topics related to Microsoft .NET testing.
272 1060 * Re: Microsoft Test Manager
    (AlacratStore) - 09/26/12 08:25 AM
Configuration Management
  Designed for configuration management discussion.
257 968 * Collabnet Subversion Edge ...
    (sujeetsahu) - 04/25/12 04:23 AM
Services Testing - SOA (1 viewing)
  This forum is for Service Oriented Architecture SOA Testing discussions.
163 569 * how to set security for HT...
    (suryanarayanamurthy) - 08/11/12 12:09 AM
Cloud Testing
  This forum is dedicated to everything cloud related.
34 177 * Re: About federated search...
    (sgrillos) - 06/15/12 02:35 PM

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