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Quality Methodologies
  This forum covers ISO, IEEE, CMM, XP, SCRUM, Agile, etc.
1081 6623 * Re: Best practices
    (honeybee98) - 11/07/12 04:14 PM
Estimation and Planning (6 viewing)
  This forum covers project management-type tasks, scheduling, estimating, etc.
480 2850 * Re: Risk Analysis
    (Joe Strazzere) - 11/13/12 10:46 AM
Software Process Improvement (2 viewing)
  This forum is designed for software process improvement (SPI) topics. It covers process improvement, lifecycles, cultural change, social engineering, process metrics.
804 4630 * Re: Project Metrics
    (Joe Strazzere) - 11/07/12 05:28 AM
Requirements and Design (2 viewing)
  This forum covers documentation, use cases, functional specs, design docs, checklists, etc.
534 2681
    - 10/24/12 04:42 PM
Defect Tracking (3 viewing)
  Covers tracking tools, ways to track defects, defect-specific metrics. Looking for a bug database or a bug tracking tool? Figure out pros and cons of defect tracking systems, tools and bug tracking databases.
1049 5482 * Re: Enhancement and Postpo...
    (Joe Strazzere) - 11/08/12 03:51 AM

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