02/24/11 10:44 PM
.Net Automation - OpenSource Tool

Hi All,

We have a .Net built desktop application. We want to use any opensource automation tool for in order to automate the application.

Kindly can you tell us any good open source such tool.

Warm Regards

(Advanced Member)
02/25/11 12:10 AM
Re: .Net Automation - OpenSource Tool

Do search forum "automated testing" @ SQA Forum

Here are few opensource automation tools:

White (codeplex .NET)
Testapi (codeplex .NET)

02/13/12 07:29 AM
Re: .Net Automation - OpenSource Tool

Use the UIAutomation framework shipped with .NET from 3.5+ versions.
XP has bugs, nasty ones, so please stay on course with Vista, or Win 7.
Feel free to ask questions, as some of these requires heavy coding. However, Microsoft does not build solutions, only frameworks, and this is *intended* side effect of that paradigm.

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