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03/07/12 07:41 AM
Rational Quality Manager - Wrong results

for testing management, I use Rational Quality Manager, version iFix 1.
I manually created a build definition, a build record and an execution schedule.
Both the build record and the execution schedule are associated to the build definition.
The build record is configured to run associated tests, when the build status is OK.
The tests, which are the steps added to the execution schedule, are manual.
After changing the build status to OK, I executed the manual tests and associated the build to every test execution result, that then I saved.
The build record was updated, but there are some problems:
1) BVT Result is "IN_PROGRESS", although all tests were completed;
2) Total tests equals to 1, although the number of executed tests is larger;
3) Test Passed equals to 0, although all tests are passed.
Moreover, the execution schedule result shows:
1) End time is "N/A";
2) Actual Result is "In Progress".
Can anyone help me?

Luigi Prosperi
Test Analyst

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03/08/12 09:29 AM
Re: Rational Quality Manager - Wrong results


Could you please check if the following work item captures the behavior you are seeing?

53406: The build record actual result status not changing when TER status change


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