06/14/07 08:36 PM
Re: Do we need QA in Scrum?

Hi, Eric

I fully understand your situation because the same thing happened in our company. I am also a QM independent of testing. I once read an artical and the following sectors may be helpful.

"Using Scrum we see great improvement in speed and quality of deliverables to meet our business objectives. If we support projects using Scrum with some of the best practices from CMMi , overall organizational and long term objectives of business could be met easier.

CMMi and Scrum mapping

CMMi Process/Practice
”Standard” Scrum
Scrum Extension

Requirements Management
Product backlog, Sprint backlog, continuous collaboration
Caliber & Test Director tools for managing user stories and test management

Project Planning
Sprint backlog, Sprint review
Overall Project Plan to describe project startegy, goals, operation of Scrum (S1) and Scrum Of Scrums (S2).

Estimation guidelines based on historical data made available to Scrum teams for improving sprint planning

Measurement and Analysis
Sprint backlog
While sprint backlog focused on project specific data, practices and tools like Balanced Score Card, Software Process Improvement Plan (SPI), Metrics analysis/RCA reports are used to look at multiple projects and organizational business objectives

Process and Product Quality Assurance
Sprint exit criteria
As there are no specific QA activities addressed in Scrum, for a large project of size 200 team members and 40 to 50 Scrum teams, we practiced the following QA activities: Project quality planning with Software Quality Assurance activities, sprint process compliance check, product reviews, project quality report

Verification & Validation
Test case design within Sprints, Integration testing, Sprint reviews & product demo
Test concept/stategy document prepared to help Scrum teams to understand test enviornment, resources, etc.,"

I think Scrum will not elimate QA. We need to consider a new method to do QA work. We just need to find some systematical errors in whole project and consider how to prevent it.

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