06/12/07 10:32 PM
Re: Do we need QA in Scrum?

Hello all.

I'm talking about a separate QA department working alongside with the various Scrumteams.

I've have the understanding that a Scrumteam consist of cross-skilled teammembers. So, if you have a team of 7, you can have 5 developers, 1 manual tester and one automator. But the tester and automator is not QA. They are just resourses in the team. And again, this does not mean that the Developers should only develop, and the testers should only test. The developers might have 70-30% focus on Development-Test. And the tester have 20-80% focus on Development-Test.

Some great responses here, and my opinion about them.

blueinatl wrote:
I'm working on a Scrum project and QA is very involved, all the way through doing things we are used to QA doing, they are a Scrum team member...
My opinion: These teammembers are not QA anymore. They are a part of the scrumteam with QA background doing some QA work, and some not. (Help the team where help is needed)

Corey wrote:
Are you talking about a QA "department" that is separate from your project teams? If so, then that would be a weird model which I have not encountered.
Answer: Yes, this is exactly what I thinking about. Scrumteams with full coverage of skills, and then have an external QA that do stuff. (This "stuff" is what my manager asked me about. "What can QA do in a Scrum environment?" And I'm still curious to find out.

NickSimmons wrote:
There is no longer a Dev team and a QA team. Now there are just Scrum teams, with dev and QA integrated into the same working group.
My opinion. Yes, and as it should be. Meaning that in this case there exist no QA perhaps?

TestingGeek wrote:
We were also following scrum and QA did play an important role. Infact Scrum increases the collaboration between the developers and testers.
My opinion: This is the wrong use of scrum. You should be very careful putting a "label" on one resource in the Scrumteam. The whole team is testers, the whole team is developers, the whole team is database personell. Cross-skilling is almost a must in Scrum.
Further on, if you still have these "Developers/Tester" labels in a scrum team, blame when testing/development fails to meet the Burndown is easily set. "Your in charge of the testing, why is it taking so long?" and then the developers also have an "excuse" to not do testing. "Your our tester, test it!"

I think our Management still wants to keep the QA department, but I think it's waste. The QA department consist of some people doing Loadtesting, Automation, Management, Build control and just plain ol' script and exploratory testing (QA consist of less than 10 resourses)
Exept for build control and management, all other activities will go into the various Scrumteams.

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