06/12/07 10:11 AM
Do we need QA in Scrum?

The question is as basic as that. Do we need a QA department in a Scrum environment?

We are about to implement Scrum as a working methodology and I am having trouble to see what QA can do in such an Environment.

I've read up and down in a lot of documentation both in this forum and online, read the Poppendieck book and had a Scrum crash course.
Then my manager ask me, just for fun. What tasks could QA be responsible of in a Scrum environment?

And I had to tell him, "None, as far I can see".

The Scrum team(s) will be in charge of the testing and it's their responsibility that whatever comes out of the Sprint, is fault/error free.
It is the Team(s) responsibility to write the Userstories/Scripted test from day 1 in a sprint. (Perhaps with QA support in the beginning, but in a few sprints the team will be experts at that)
QA should not be bothered with testing the Artifacts from a sprint as they are finished because of this, already extensive testing. (defined as waist)

Automation, same. It is created during the sprint by the team. Both unit and regression tests.

QA could do acceptance testing with Customer I've read people mentioned. But the customer is the Product Owner that will have a close relationship with the team. Why introduce QA as a 3'd party when the Product Owner can talk straight to the team? (Again QA is waist)

So I have to create a dialog with you guys that have some experience with Scrum and QA, what tasks is suitable for QA in Scrum?

(The only thing I can think of is build the new modules into the Application. But that's not much more than 30 minutes work at the end of a sprint

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