04/11/12 10:32 AM
Re: 'My Beautiful Framework'

Also, I need help in one specific issue happens during navigation from Page A -> Page B
PageA (fill up fields)
Click on Continue button
Navigate to Page B

During this specific step i might run into hordes of integration issues.
1. Integration systems are down
2. Database is down
Is there a way i can trap these error messages inside my recovery function
(I get a script error on trying to perform the operation on an object on Page B since Page B was never displayed in the 1st place)
Function Recovery1(Object,Method,Arguments,Retval)
Is there a way to trap the innertext of the browser parent
I have the Object with me but not the parent
Something like Object.GetTOProperty("parent")
'Basically i wanted the browser parent of the object and find the innertext of the browser object and check for various integration issues
End Function

Also what does the "retval" contain?

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