04/10/12 10:04 AM
Re: 'My Beautiful Framework'

@lockdown - That was the idea..felt like a one stop shop to know what ppl have been doing
@lockdown - Care to provide a briefing on the GUI layer (any piece of code / snapshots would be of gr8 help)

Our framework is like what 3 months old now: Good code, easy to use, no code breaks
Problem areas:
1. Lot of keywords to achieve a lot of functionality (testers confused which keyword to call when and what parameters to pass to the functions)
Any suggestion what i can do here?
A chm file or something i am not sure what exactly should i be doing here
Something like a one stop
User Interface1 - List of keywords available
User Interface2 - List of keywords available
Generic keywords - SendEmail,ValidateDatabase,ValidateMainframeLogs,Comments
etc etc
basically ease the use of manual testers, so that the automation folks can focus on the more concrete problem solving areas

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