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04/09/12 06:54 AM
Re: Datatable.export failed!!

I think if i cant really share the code then what is the use of making another thread.

To answer your question karthik, it has nothing to do with QTP inbuilt DataTable object, but it works almost similar.

Still why I am doing this ? There are hundreds of good reasons why did i make this.
1) It gives me 100x more performance and stability.
2) I get instant and 100% support for bugfixes and enhancements (because its my own code )
3) there's no need to close excel files before loading/importing files to my COM datatable.
4) it just not only for excel reading but works with any type of delimited file, load tables from database directly and even more.
5) it gives internal DataTable compare functionality which works on lambada expression (65k rows with 255 columns gets compared in less then 1 minute, I doubt QTP v15 would be able to do it in 24 hrs )
6) allow multiple sets of tables, we call it TableGroup (like a dataset)

lastly, its not just a Datatable COM, but it has other several utility functions which we use day-in-day-out within our automation scripts. (as you might have seen in the screenshot)

This COM provides help us doing serious automation by adding endless possibilities , and achieve our ROI, quickly.

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