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04/06/12 02:59 AM
Re: 'My Beautiful Framework'

First of all... the title sounding me very funny..
Well a good thought, but you will find a lot of similar threads on the forum already.

Still lemme share some of my thoughts on this thread.

1) Framework should be very simple, small, fast, generic, should have very less files, i suggest only 1 file framework.
2) allow easy adoption by by other teams and other users.
3) Never reinvent wheel.
4) should make your life easy then complicating it.
5) if it is qtp based framework, it should leverage maximum QTP inbuilt functionalities.
6) maintenance should not be a nightmare.
7) everything should be planned in advance before developing a framework.
8) should be able to provide good crisp reporting drilling down to the actual issue.
9) always separate from business functionalities
10) and finally, just start using them then keep on building building and building.

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