If you are considering WinTask as a test automation tool, you may ask if it is necessary to purchase the full WinTask, or can you get by with the lower-cost WinTask lite?

My simple answer - if you want to do any real test automation, then Yes - you should purchase WinTask. WinTask Lite is missing several functions that are very, very handy for the tester.

- The logging functions are useful for writing a results log
- The response time functions are useful for checking the duration of tasks
- Some of the system functions are necessary for creating extensions to WinTask (to call into system DLLs, for example)
- The web functions are essential for testing web-based applications
- Other functions not available in WinTask Lite may be necessary, depending on your specific test automation needs

The comparison of WinTask and WinTask Lite can be found at http://www.wintask.com/compare_wintask.php and http://www.wintask.com/wintaskfunctions.php

Which of the Full Version-only features or functions do you think are essential for your test automation?