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<p align="center">December Issue of the Association for Software Testing Newsletter Now Available</p>

The Association for Software Testing has just released it's newsletter Sapient Testing Magazine: Smart Stuff for Career Software Testers. You can download the December issue of Sapient Testing Magazine here.</p>

Inside you'll find (IMHO) a fantastic collection of high quality articles including:</p>
<ul>[*]Right Click -&gt; View Source and Other Tips for Performance Testing the Front-End by: Scott Barber [*]Untangling the Rat's Nest by: Danny Faught [*] Building a Code Boneyard by Mike Kelly [*]Achieving Usability Through Testing by David Rabinek
[*]Process of Exploration by David Christiansen [*]And more... [/list]

Credit goes to AST's new editor, David Christiansen (an unpaid volunteer) who did an incredible job collecting and editing content, laying out the magazine, and getting this issue to production. As you read the magazine, please send David your feedback (good and bad) so he knows how to make the next issue even better. You can contact David at dave@techdarkside.com.</p>

Along with this issue AST has launched a website: http://sapienttesting.com/. Watch the site in the coming weeks. David will be publishing a 2008 editorial calendar, some writing guidelines, and possibly some interactive features for feedback and content distribution.</p>

Enjoy the magazine and keep your eyes opened for future issues. </p>