I'm creating an OS/browser combination matrix and am on the fence as to including Linux, and if so with which browser(s) and how extensively to test. Various market share statistics of home PC's in the USA place Linux usage anywhere from less than 1% up to 6%. I'm inclined to lean toward the higher knowing that the vast majority of Linux users are not registered as such and many install Linux over pre-installed Windows OS's.

I'm told web testing at our campany has not included Linux in the past and I find no history of support calls in regards to Linux, however this project will drive the usage of our website considerably higher and increase interactivity. Before you ask, development is in Java, and our customers will be 99.9% US based, and time and resources are of course restraints. [img]/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

So, I'd like to get an industry feeling for those in a similar situation and whether Linux is a part of their web testing matrix.

Thanks in advance.