In our company we have a development team which uses BEA AquaLogic (middleware) to deploy Web Application and AquaLogic uses BPM Server that has a feature of maintaining different versions of the code active on the server and using/executing those different code versions when deployed as decided by BPM Server.

An example would be a “high” priority bug fix, with an assumption that a high priority bug fix would involve major code changes. If a high priority bug was fixed on one of the components of code and was deployed as code (say for release 2) then BPM server will use this new code for new components only, for the old or existing components BPM server may elect to use the new code (release 2) or may still use the old code (release 1). This decision will be made by BPM server only.

How should we (the QA team) go about testing this kind of Web Appication? Is it any different than testing regular Web Apps? Should we ask for the list of components that developers deploy? Can QA make any assumption that if components that are part of unbroken areas of the code, then code for this component will be kept the same?

Any ideas or insights are welcome. Thank you.