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    Website Testing - Unclear Requirements?

    How do i test website if the requirements are not clear?

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    Re: Website Testing

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    How do i test website if the requirements are not clear?

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    Well, first of all, I go back to the requester and say, "I can't accurately test this without clear requirements" and then detail what areas aren't clear so you can gain an understanding. Hopefully, you're not working in an environment where you have no communication with the person who is tasking you with the testing.

    Secondly, if the requirements aren't clear, I'm sure you can at least check the common sense things such as spell checking text, links all working correctly and actually taking you to the pages they should be going, logical organization of documents and pages during navigation. Many times this kind of common sense stuff isn't included in requirements because everyone (incorrectly, I believe) assumes that everyone knows these common sense things.

    Thirdly, use the application as your requirements. Essentially, do a bunch of exploration. Try things out, click buttons and see what happens. Did what happened make sense in the context of the website? Was it clear what it was supposed to do? Anything that doesn't make sense in the internal context of the site most likely is a problem with the site and should be reported.

    Finally, I'm sure there are many documents available via the internet on standards for website development. Spend a bit of time with Google or your favorite search engine and see what you can find.
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    Re: Website Testing

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    How do i test website if the requirements are not clear?

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    Seek more clarity, then test.
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    Re: Website Testing

    Ideal world - request and receive detailed and up to date specs and system requirements

    Real world, disorganized company - check all links (should go to pages that make sense based on their label), check all pages for missing images, inconsistent layout, etc. Imagine yourself as a user trying to perform a specific task - is the path to that page easy to figure out? Look for anything that might be confusing to a user and point it out to whoever is responsible for making design decisions.

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    Re: Website Testing

    I heard/saw a lot about the unclear or no requirements. Its b'coz of not having a good BA or recruting a good Business analyst.

    Coming to the point about the requirements :

    If there are unclear requirements ;work with your business analyst and get the knowledge of the application how it works. Work with the Developer and get information from him what he is trying to develop. Make a list of notes of all your questions and work with BA again or the users to get your questions clarified.
    Most important thing is communication..you need to work with Business analyst or User a lot on the functionality of the application. Some BA's are lazy to put or document everything. You need to make them work. Report to your manager or higher officials to document all the requirements instead of putting everything in their brains.

    It is your responsibility to identify the scenarios to test. Work hard, conduct meetings with BA, Developer and you will get the answers on what to test. I can't tell that you get all the necessary scenarios but it is the best way to nail them down.

    Identify positive test cases and negative test cases.

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    Re: Website Testing

    Many testers face this situation. In my case i approached BA's Developers( for documentsn)and raised questions in every single meeting i have attended

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    Re: Website Testing

    I have run into this situation many times. I work in a very fast-paced industry, and the developers have enough on the plate that the testing requirements tend to get overlooked. Rather than try to guess as to the best way to test, personally I feel going to the source (the developer/project manager) themselves and finding out EXACTLY what the web page/app should do. This will give you the best idea of how to test.

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    Re: Website Testing

    Yes.. you can certainly and should go to the source inorder to seek clarification and understand application in better way. But in any case, you should also try to do as much exploration as possible, try to use your past experience, knowledge about standards, or compare it to similar functions. Idea is that, unclear requirements should not stop you from working, it should not be blocking you. You can seek clarification, you can get your BA/developers to clarify but if *possible* you should also try to explore it on your own and test as much as you can.

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    Re: Website Testing

    You test with whatever requirements you can obtain. If you can't get detailed technical requirements, look for functional requirements. What problem is the software intended to solve?

    You can also do some "common sense" type tests as others have suggested. If something doesn't meet your expectations, try to get clarification.

    Ask questions and provide useful feedback. As you learn more you can improve your testing.

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    Re: Website Testing

    It ia true that you wont get the proper documentaton from the developing team.It will be better to discuss the workflow with the developing team and start testing.


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