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    Website Localization testing

    I am testing a Website which is localized in 17 Languages. To test a Website manually in all 17 is time consuming job. For our reference developers have provided 'RESX Files' for each locale which contains 800 strings, message and variable name along with their localized values. Is their any localization tool or testing tool which reads from RESX file and compare the strings and messages from page's source code. For example

    1. Record the E2E scenarios in English language
    2. Play it on particular language Say French
    3. While playing the recording RESX file can be automatically used to compare the strings message and variable’s localized value.

    Second this is that Is their any tool which checks the linguistics of Website?

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    Re: Website Localization testing


    Let's boost you into the good forum citizen zone! [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] Please revisit and read the materials you received when you subscribed. Please also read these:

    Thank you!

    Note: From the General Discussion forum, I have deleted the cross-post duplicate of this topic.



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