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Thread: XML Testing??

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    XML Testing??

    Can someone tell me what type of testing is performed on XML. What is the approach for that.
    What do we do in XML testing...
    Thank you

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    Re: XML Testing??

    From my experience you can start with trying to check if all the tags used in the XML have the right values as per your requirements.

    Proceed like you would for a normal functional test of any functionality. ie map your requirements for the XML to specific cases and execute them.

    Additionally you could also use some XML parser to check if its parsing properly. Try to find some special characters that XML has trouble with and see if they are supported correctly.

    I hope this should get you started in the right direction

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    Re: XML Testing??

    Last time I used XML to send or received a request or response, and to get the expected results, first I used the negative data like one field has 15-charactors length I submitted with 16-charactor and checked that application produced the proper error message or not.
    Same thing I did with positive data where I used right length and make sure that front-end application recevied that request.



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