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    Regarding testcases

    Hai friends,
    Can anybody suggest me how to write testcases from a requirement document.I am new to that.Please help me.I need it ******ly.i am trying for that.but i don't know hoe to start.

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    Re: Regarding testcases

    Consider each line of functionality and split it in actions and results.
    For example if you find a line saying 'Clicking on the 'X' link opens up the monitor window' in the requirement document. Your test case would be 'Check whether monitor window opens when the 'X' link is clicked' if your application behaves properly for teh test case written mark it as 'Pass' or else 'Fail'.

    Hope this will serve you.

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    Re: Regarding testcases

    annieanna, saying "I need it ******ly" is a BIG no-no here. We really don't care how [censored] your request is. We are unpaid, and not obliged to fit your schedule.

    Candidly, if you ask a question like that, and seriously expect someone to give you a snap answer so you can learn how to do it "******ly" then I seriously question your qualifications to perform the task.

    You "start" by learning the skills needed to do your job, and that takes time and effort.

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    Re: Regarding testcases

    Well i think u can start by making a use case document from the available requirements and then frame test cases from it

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    Re: Regarding testcases

    Use cases to test cases is the most effective way to have testing to be carried out. Moreover you get a better insight of the project.
    Sumit Jaitly
    QA Manager

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    Re: Regarding testcases

    It really depends on the type of testing you are doing as to where you start. If its UAT then I would get the requirments document and try and visualise the application. If its Integration then you need to know your back end systems and components.

    Requiremetns documents are either very up to date or very out of date and poorly written. It all depends where you are starting from.

    Let me know what you currently have and where you are trying to get to. Some quaetions are:
    1. Is it a web based application?
    2. Is the system over a WAN or just local to your office?
    3. What is your relationship with the business or development?
    4. What is your position? Test Team Lead, Test Manager, etc.
    5. What are your deadlines? Dates you need to deliver
    6. What is the businesses ideal coverage of testing? 80%
    7. How often are your release builds?
    8. How many in your team?
    9. Are you using Test Director or Quality Centre?
    10. Do you have your own environment to run your tests?
    11. What type of environment is it? Dev, Integration, System or UAT?

    Writing test cases is an art. You will find very few people that can write a test case that anyone off the street, with a little product knowledge, can run. You have to start somewhere. Testing is probably one of the easiest, for me, professions in IT. So any questions ask away....

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    Re: Regarding testcases

    A test case is set of actions with expected results base on requirement for the system.
    From requirements find out all the "actions" and their "results".
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