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    Testing for Content management site

    I have a task to test Admin site and Original site. As usual I started with Admin site however through Admin every right given to the user, not only content but also the banner, the news and so on. I have no problems with original site because it comes through only from user [img]graemlins/blankface.gif[/img]

    Please tell me what I should check in Admin site?

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    Re: Testing for Content management site

    Why don't you start the discussion by telling us what you are thinking of including and then we can suggest additional items or possibilities.

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    Re: Testing for Content management site

    Lynne is correct.
    Let us know what your testing scope is, what you intend on testing, and we can make recommendations.

    Some Basics would include to test items under the following catagories:
    1. Validate application Functionality against the requirements.
    2. Validate the layout against the design requirements (Res, color, font, etc.)
    3. Validate that all links work
    4. Spell check
    5. Obtian performance metrics and compare to requirements.

    Which leads me to a question what do the applicaiton requiremnts state the admin priveledges are?
    Use that creat a testplan and testcases and perform the test. Its really that simple.

    If you don't have any requirements. Then find them, There are expected requirements, they just might not be documented yet. If you do not know what they are you do not know what to test.



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