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    Link Validator, Browser Comp. Tool Eval

    I am currently evaluating tools to use as link validators, browser compatablity checking, spell checkers.
    So far I have searched and evaluated tools and also looked at tools listed here:

    The reason I am doing this is to get feedback and opinions on current tools that will meet my requirements.
    I would like to present what I have found on tools I liked, then get your opinions on it, also if you know of a tool that I is not listed here, that you consider good please let me know. Also, a note that some of the tools I evaluated where trial versions, and may have had limited functionality.

    The requirements where simple, a low cost tool (sub $1000), that validates links, spell, checks, performs browser compatibility check, and preferably not priced per URL.

    Of the ones I evaluated - I am provided my opinions on Xenu's Link Sleuth, RXHtml (Dr HTML), Link Checker Pro, REL Web Link Validator, REL Link Checker Light, and Net Mechanic.

    Here are my evaluations and opinions.
    Xenu's Link Sleuth - Free. Checks "normal" links, images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, scripts and java applets. It does produce an html report and site map, which makes finding the problems easy. For link validation it is great, and free which means it is definitely worth while to download and use.

    REL Link Check Light – Free, Link validation only, no real report available. You can export your results to an html, xls, cvs file. Good but I liked Xenu better; I would still use this as a secondary check against Xenu.

    Link Checker Pro – (250.00 to 1200) Link Validation, Graphical site map. Also you can view each URL checked (presentation and source) using the tabs at the bottom of the screen. No formal report generator, but you can export results. Does a good job, unlimited URL’s and priced by page count per run tiered at 5000, 20,000 and unlimited, they also offer special academic and home use license pricing, but I would save my money and use the free tools if I did not need support.

    DrHtml’s RXHTML – ($350) You can purchase a license and install it on a one of your servers – They have a website where you can test single pages free and also a service you can subscribe to, $25 for 125 reports, each report covers a page from your website. This tool covers spell checking, link validation, site mapping, and more. It also has browser compatibility for Opera, IE, Netscape, and HTML 4.0. It is good tool, with good reporting. Its down fall’s are it is not recent. It does not perform browser compatibility checks for Firefox, or Safari. Also it runs under the perl environment so you have to install active perl, for windows and it is a little more complicated to set up than any other one I have tested.

    REL Web link Validator – (different tiers for page count per url checked, but $800 unlimited license.) – Good tool performs Link validation including Javascript and flash links. Spell checker, Html coding errors. It does a validation check against an IE engine. Easy to use reports, that include statistics for page load times etc.. It’s downfall is that it does not do a full browser compatibility check.

    NetMechanic HTML Toolbox – Subscription based service $60 a year per URL for up to 100 pages, tiered pricing above that for higher page counts up to 5000 at $800. Link Validation, Spell Checking, Browser compatibility test for IE, Netscape, Opera, Firefox, Mosaic, Safari. This is a good tool, and would be a hands down winner but it’s per URL pricing is not exactly desirable to me. To test in model or qa preview you pay and then you pay again if you want to run it against production.


    Prices listed where obtained from the vendors website and are in U.S. Dollars.

    Also, I did not evaluate Watchfire tools because I was quoted a price of $2000 to $4000 a month per URL. This is out of my price range.

    Michael Roux.

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    Re: Link Validator, Browser Comp. Tool Eval


    Try this links - originally posted by Andy,
    You may find lot of tools

    With Best Regards

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    Re: Link Validator, Browser Comp. Tool Eval

    Hi Yuva,
    Michael already mentioned that he is researching on tools listed in http://www.softwareqatest.com/qatweb1.html

    Michael, I used to use FireFox's Developer Plugin for Link checking, Validating the CSS and HTML and some Browser compatibility testing too


    I'm not sure how well it fits into your requirements but it is FREE and you might want to give it a try ..

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    Re: Link Validator, Browser Comp. Tool Eval

    You can also try Compuware WebChecker. It is good.


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    Re: Link Validator, Browser Comp. Tool Eval

    You might like to give SortSite a try:

    Does link checking, HTML/CSS validation, accessibility testing (WCAG and Section 508), browser compatibility checking and more. Currently priced at $199

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    Re: Link Validator, Browser Comp. Tool Eval

    PS I work for the company that produces SortSite



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