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    Unexpected Result in OpenSTA 1.43.20

    Dear All,

    I am a new user for opensta 1.43.20, I have an
    un-expected result when using a open STA in follow

    1) Windows XP with SP1 and MS VMJava.
    2) Testing websites/server - using java, cookies and
    mssql server.

    I try to use the P3 and P4 client machine (client PCs
    are installed on same verion of JAVA client and
    Windows XP /*fresh install */) to do this test. I can
    feel the P4 client can view the homepages much faster
    then P3 by human feeling.

    However, If I use the OpenSTA to do this test, the
    result is p3 is faster then p4, around 10 - 15 %

    Does anyone have idea about this event, e.g. do I need
    to final turn the script in order to make the result
    more realistic? Also, what OpenSTA count for the
    timing? (In my test, I try to donwload 2 pages and
    100 pages doc from webserver and view on the web
    broswer directly, however, the speed are the SAME)

    Please help.


    Best Regards,
    Leo Tam

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    Re: Unexpected Result in OpenSTA 1.43.20

    This was also posted in the opensta forum - please do not post the same question in multiple places,

    You would be advised to read the forum FAQs and Rules as a new member


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