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    Code Validity - "Seal of Approval"

    I am looking for a reputable, nationally well-known third party company to verify web applications and code. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    Re: Code Validity - "Seal of Approval"

    You may need to go back to the drawing board for this one. In a sense you could say any third party testing company is doing such work, but they will not indemnify you against errors in your code. Are you looking to create a general warranty for your software, or warranty for a specific purpose?

    Last time I heard such a request it was for a manufactured part, the supplier did not trust the customer’s ability to do a proper qa of the item at receipt. Too much money was involved so they had a third party verify that it met the specifications. That worked well for them.

    What is the specific issue that you feel will be resolved by getting a third party “Seal of Approval”?

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    Re: Code Validity - "Seal of Approval"

    Google turns up lots of links.
    Here's a few things you may choose to read:


    But clearly, you'd need to be clear about what you mean by "verify" before you could choose a company to supply a "Seal of Approval"
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    Re: Code Validity - "Seal of Approval"

    you may want to try www.quotium.com - they give a free product
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    Krystal Racine

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    Re: Code Validity - "Seal of Approval"

    To be more specific, my company produces online games and sweepstakes. I am searching for a top-tier consulting company that can audit the product and will "stamp" the online product with their seal of approval.

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    Re: Code Validity - "Seal of Approval"

    seal of approval to what aspects? Performance, security, number of users, that it meets gambling laws?
    A number of outsource testing labs have "seal of approval" style plans they offer and can be searched for via the search engine of choice.
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