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    Best Bug

    Hi,iam very new to testing and i kept my resume in the market as a QA tester.in the interview point of view could any body plz help me out in sending best bugs,u ppl have come across during a web appl testing.
    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: Best Bug

    Best bug would be "The One That Got Away From Pumba". [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] Even if you go to Best Buy, I don't think you'll find one with a label "best bug"...

    If you tell your interviewer about somebody else's bug and the interviewer ask you questions after questions about this bug, what kind of answers are you going to come up with?

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    Re: Best Bug

    When interviewing, you should be giving them a bug YOU found, not one that we've uncovered.

    Also, please note these forums are not for posting resume questions.

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    Re: Best Bug

    well best bugs are e.g show stopper , crashing bugs , design issues . Those bugs which take the attention of both groups dev + qa
    Hungry Minds

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    Re: Best Bug

    Awais, please read the qaforums FAQ and follow the rules of this community. Interview questions are absolutely NOT allowed. Please do not answer them even if you're just trying to be helpful. People who gain a job by talking about subjects they know nothing about hurt themselves (from getting fired or bad reports from former employers) and the companies they work for. This site is already a source for almost any interview question if the person is willing to research and find the answers.

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    Re: Best Bug

    I think the best bug would be "What you have asked in this specific forum"
    Jitendra J
    Gurgaon, India.



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