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    Database Testing

    Hi all,

    can anyone help me how to do Database Testing and please recommend is there any opensource tool is there and related links for Database Testing

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    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: Database Testing

    for the data base testing you can go through the automation by 3 ways.
    1.by default check
    2.by custom check
    3.run time record check

    1.navigation for default check :
    create>database check point>default check>specify connect to database>specify SQL statemen>select the database name.

    2.to conduct data base testing depends on rows count,columns count and content we can use this custom check.
    navigation:create>database check point>custom check>give the DSN name>select the database name>specify the Sql statement>click the check boxes for what u want like rows count,content,columns count>finish.

    3.for run time check this is used if the front end name differs with the back end name and most of the records for both are similar
    then to check hat situation of database we will use this option.
    navigation:create>data base checkpoint>runtime record check>specify database name>specify the SQL statement giving the specified db feild names>show the feild objects in the front end by hand icon>right click to releave.>specify how many matching records.
    note:in general we use default check point.others are used according to the situation faced.

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    Re: Database Testing

    What kind of test are you trying to do?

    1. Load Test to a database?
    2. Performance and Optimization of your queries?



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