Hi there

I'm sure alot of you out there appreciate how difficault it is to fundraise (Im running the london Marathon on April 17th this year for a charity called ActionAid who provide basic needs-food shelter water and education). things are going well having run 18 miles in training but would like to boast the fundraising side and thought why not do what i do best-testing.

How will it work?
Do you have a website that needs abit of testing (max few hours). If so, I can carry out the following testing

Basic functionality e.g links/going through booking paths/send emails/create accounts

Localistaion-date/time formats/currency (although not the proppfing of the content itself-suggest getting native speaker to review)
language errors e.g. missing text, untranslated text, terminology errors, spellings etc.

GUI/visual issues - alignment/truncation/general layout

How will bugs be loggged?
if you do not have a database i can access then I can log them in a spreadsheet and send them onto you _step by step repro steps- Result and expected result with attachments if necessary

What do I get in return?
A donation to my chosen charity ActionAid


Paying this way is secure and money goes straight to ActionAid. If you are interested in checking out my marathon training then you can goto

I have over 8 years testing experince in some of the top IT houses in the world.
Looking forward to hearing from you