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    testing admin web applications

    im new at qa i need to know how to test an admin
    systems that update mysql data base
    where to start from ?
    i have read Prasanna_W posts
    i thinking how to implement it at my company

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    Re: testing admin web applications

    You may wonder if you have been abandoned, but in truth you are not telling us a hell of a lot that helps in providing you with some input. You have an admin system that stores data (who cares where it stores the data) in response to specific types of transactions (call them admin inputs if you like). You should know what these transactions are, what data they contain, what the use is of these data, and how these data would appear when you perform a future transaction. For example, a sysadmin may establish user access accounts. The test involves creating accounts (pass 1), then to try to access the system using those accounts (pass 2), editing the accounts (pass 3), and so on. If you can relate more clearly what you do in your admin application, then maybe some better suggestions might flow.
    Frits Bos, PMP

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    Re: testing admin web applications

    ok, i did my home work .
    now ,i have an web application its an advertiser server it helps advertisers manage there banners ,get reports atc..
    now ,before publishing it i need to test/qa it.
    (to be clear im a web developer). so i need to find a way to test all aspect of the application ,
    i want to start from functional testing (how do i do that , tools , logic atc..)
    10x for any help you can provide.

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    Re: testing admin web applications

    I assume you are talking about a portal, rather than annoying pop-ups. That should be easy to do, all you need is to have some applications to interact with through your portal. You can use a test automation tool to alternate between client application accesses through your portal, and the testing tool can log exactly what it invokes, so you can compare that with your statistics (click counters I presume) at the end of the day. Your applications should not affect the portal (this is presumably a transparent service) and the test should be focused on the click counts logged by the portal. You should make sure that you test various distributions of going to specific user applications so that you can confirm that click counts are correct. You should not need to test that the applications themselves work, so these can be "bogus" web pages that simulate a client service of some sort (I am about as vague about that as you are). You can probably test this by using AutoIt V3 at the incredible price of $0, and when you get rich doing that you can make a donation to Jonathan (his site tells you what you need to know to share the wealth).
    Frits Bos, PMP



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