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    how to do web service testing manually???

    big question, how to do web applications testing manually? the back-end is oracle and sql database and front is vb. is that possible to test this manually? I feel like not, what we are doing now is just the web page html validation, and I have no idea how to do database layer testing. any suggestion?

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    Re: how to do web service testing manually???

    First thing, as in any test, you need a way to do 3 things:
    Feed inputs (events, messages, calls, whatever)
    See traces (logs)
    See outputs

    Second, you need to decide who programs the interfaces that allows you to do those 3 things.

    Third, if the answer to section #2 is you, you need to find out what language serves you best to communicate with Web Services, probably Java or VB .NET.

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    Re: how to do web service testing manually???

    Thanks a lot, Ofer, but the things is the company is not a professional s/w Co, and it doesn't seem to be necessary to test database server, I don't know what they want to test. Thanks anyway.



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