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    Name from login screen

    I am just starting to use QuickTestPro.
    I am creating a test that tests a Web login screen. The test script enters first name and last name into the screen and then submits it. If a login is successful then same page will have a new text that says the login was successful for whatever name was entered. How can I check if that text really shows the name that has been entered?


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    Re: Name from login screen

    In Winrunner we have edit_get_text using which you can get the text entered in the first name textfield and then using the web_text_check option you can check for the appearence of the text in the next page.

    This is for Winrunner and similar option should exist for QuickTestPro

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    Re: Name from login screen

    Mark you would be better to post this in the QTP forum.

    The answer to your question is to capture the resultant text in a Text Checkpoint and compare with the expected text.

    Mark Smith.

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    Re: Name from login screen


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    Re: Name from login screen

    Hello! Parkhi!!
    A test plan is a document which describes the scope, objective,approach and focus of the software testing effort.It is a useful way to see how the software is validated and accepted in real sense.It is prepared by QA peoples and testers..



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