Hi all.
Maybe someone could help me. I'm trying to create testmaker script. I've a query to a WebService method, but when I send the query manually from my Web browser I have to write a password and a login.
I don't know how I have to write this step in my script. this is what I have write and doesn't work's:

host = "myIP"
port = myPort
path = "UraWebServices/WebServicesWSDL"
endpoint = host + ":" + str( port ) + "/" + path
protocol = ProtocolHandler.getProtocol("soap")
body = SOAPBody()
protocol.setProxyHost( "myIP" )
protocol.setProxyPort( myPort )
protocol.setProxyUser( "myID" ) #optional
protocol.setProxyPass( "myPass" )
protocol.setHost( host )
protocol.setPath( path )
protocol.setPort( port )
body.setTarget( "uraUR00Svr.jws" )
body.setMethod( "SONDA" )
#body.addParameter( "wordcount", Long, 150, None )
#body.addParameter( "delay", Long, 100, None )
print "Sending request to server..."
response = protocol.connect()

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Thank you in advanced.