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Thread: optimum time

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    optimum time

    What is the Optimum Response time For 1700 Concurrent users
    For transactions as well as reports

    Operating system:windows 2000
    Back end :SQL server
    Front end :ASP

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    Re: optimum time

    I suppose it is 'as quick as possible'. The real answer is completely subjective. You have to make those decisions as to what is acceptable for you application - no idea what it does. The general rule of thumb is that a web page should return in < 10 secs.
    Jamie Lockhart, SCL

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    Re: optimum time

    'Quick as possible' is always optimum for users interacting with a system, unless there is a business reason for operating slower. I have yet to see a business reason for making users work slower.
    1700 users could impact response, whatever it may be, if their rate of work begins to exceeds system capacity. Three components factor into final response and you only have one of them.

    M = Users = 1700
    X = Throughput (including think and delay)= ?
    T = Response (including think and delay) = ?

    They are related by: M = XT
    (where units of time must be the same in X and T)

    The formula applies to individual workloads (i.e. transactions and reports). Things get more complicated when you have many workloads running simultaneously, possibly impacting each other.




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