Hello All!

I'm trying to count the number of links on a webpage.

The AUT returns a long list of search results (links based on letter of alphabet) and the only solution after a few days I can see is:
1. Move the mouse pointer to the first link.
2. Check to see if the first letter of the link is the correct letter (substr)
3. If so move the y-coordinate of the pointer down 16 pixels, If no, then it must be the end of the list...so exit.

Now the problem is that #1, there are too many ways the script can fail. #2, Once I get to the bottom of the page, The script assumes that it's the end of the list so it ends normally. I could implement the scroll functionality to scroll down after every 26 lines, but that method seems inefficient, cumbersome, and possibly error-prone.

Is there some function that I don't know about, where WR can count the number of links, or better yet, simply advance the pointer to the next line in the list regardless of the scrollbar position.

Please help!