I work for www.Switchboard.com and we have been trying to come up with a serious well rounded regression test for quite some time now and its been a headache. We've evaluated empirix,webft,mercury, and others. We ended up getting Mercury Quick Test Pro. After about a year using the product we have come to the conclusion that it does not handle a constant changing website very well. Their use of checkpoints does not work well when you have over 200 possible pageviews. (you cant reuse a checkpoint.) This would not be fun when I need to update 200+ checkpoints for a simple UI change. Im looking for any advice from this forum on what tool we should evaluate next. I'm going to download silk test and experiment with that. We need a tool where we can use a valid Test case across many many pages. If a test case needed to change I want to be able to make 1 change and not 200+ changes.

Quicktest pro has worked out well with our XML automation but thats because its not a UI.

Any advice or help you can give me will be greatly appreciated!!!

(Frustrated with stupid tools)....lol

PS: A tool with solid programming ability is KEY.