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    back-end testing

    Dear Friends:

    I'm new to client/server based testing. I have two questions.

    1. How to test an application server?
    2. How to do data verification in DB server?

    Thank you very much for your help!

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    Re: back-end testing

    A search on "clent server", "back end", "back-end" and database in this forum and the Functional test forum should result in some previous topics that will answer your questions.

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    Re: back-end testing

    Dear cyblue:

    Thank for your reply. According to your suggestion, I searched the entire forum with any keyword you recommended. Unfortunately, I could not find the answer. If you feel convenient, could you point out where I can get the knowledge of back-end testing?

    Thank you.

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    Re: back-end testing

    hi, This is dhiraj Nigam

    I am new in "back end" testing, i want to know that what are the things we have to keep in our mind while testing a back end server,

    if my server is MSSQL 2K, or any other do i need to take different action, or i need to make any changes on my USE CASE.

    Dhiraj Nigam

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    Re: back-end testing

    This is just a small random sample of the results returned when I searche for "database" in the Functional Testing forum (not this one). If you search for all those terms here and in there, you'll find much more information than you can expect someone to provide you here in this thread. Your questions are too generic and noone can teach you how to do these things in a single thread. You would have a much easier time if you searched for a book or website to learn first, then come back here for specific questions. Try www.qabooks.com and www.qalinks.com .





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    Re: back-end testing

    Grace00, I might be able to help you if you can be more specific about your needs. There are many different ways of doing back-end testing for an application server. For instance, at KeyLabs, we recently use JMeter to do a performance test for a client's application server (JSP with MySQl and Oracle database) architecture. We were able to successfully validate the server (including the backend database) and find out where limitations existed. What specifically are you wanting to test?
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    Re: back-end testing

    i am currently writing test cases 4 the following batch processing scenarios on a content management system called obtree
    1. e-alerts to be sent out weekly on system that sweeps relevant subscriber details for e-alerts
    2. as above but every time a news item in published
    3.purging of sensitive client info from database once info is sent on to relevant regional office.
    Any ideas would be appreciated



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