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    looking for web test application


    I am new in the area of web testing and I would like to ask for your
    help please.

    I have an embedded system - a board which is being managed by a web

    I am looking for a tool to test my board SW using my web site.

    For example:

    - I would like to configure a web page form elements (such as
    checkboxes select, etc ...) and submit the page to the server.

    Then I would like to be able to read the results of the return web
    page (most of the time, read form elements values) while comparing it
    to pre-defined values.

    These days I examine the TestSmith application and I am looking for more similar test applications.

    Thanks for your help,


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    Re: looking for web test application

    I'm working in a seemed system that was inherited, i'm trying to use canoo webtest with dbunit, but i still have some problems.

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    Re: looking for web test application

    Try Astra Quicktest



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