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    Astra QuickTest or eTester?

    Just looking for some opinions on which is better/easier to use/more stable. I'm leaning towards Astra. Can anyone describe some experiences they've had with either? Good and/or bad?

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    Re: Astra QuickTest or eTester?

    I evaluated both and went with e-Tester. In terms of a learning curve you'll be up and running in no time. The UI is extremely intuitive and there is little to no coding that will need to be done on your part. Also the support people at Empirix are top notch. They really go above and beyond what one would expect. I know that you can view online demos of e-Tester (not sure about Quick Test) so if you have the time it may be worth spending an hour to watch the demo to gain a better understanding of the tools capabilities.



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