Iam currently using silktest 5.0.3.
WInNT 4 workstation servicepack 6
I've several questions regarding silktest some on web and others are just general.

I wud like to know whether layout of controls on the screen [GUI]( flow layout, or grid layout) can be checked using silktest or not.
If yes How??
I dont want to know the co-ordiantes of the controls on the screen.

2> can we check the business logic of the application under test using silktest. if Yes how??

3> how can we check whether the frames (html)in web application are placed correctly or not.( i mean there positioning using silktest.

4>Is there any way by which we can get the total number of objects (count)on the window(application) in silktest

5>When i do web testing, on creating a frame file it recognises all the objects on screen as htmltext and htmlheading regardless of the type of the object.
Even for pushbuttons it recopgnizes as HTMLtext??

And I'm not able to record nay testcase nor record any application state.
In my extension enabler and silktest extension dialog i've enabled IE5.0 rest all are disabled.

When i check the WindowDeclarations for web application for the browserchild it gives WindowId as $windowNotReady
for all the objects of the application it gives this. y??
Only for the browser buttons like stop,back,refresh,addrbar it gives windowId

7>how do i test Hidden html menus..
some thing like those in javascript.. when u move mouse over the menu is showed.

can we check the gap between the label and the editboxes or combo boxes etc using SilkTest if yes how??