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    Writing test cases

    Hello Respected Guru's
    I am a new person to testing. Please help me to understand following topics.
    1. Is their any standard for writing test cases.
    2. What topics should be covered in test cases.
    3. Difference between nun-functional test case and functional test cases.
    4. Please send me few examples of test cases on my account salve_milind@yahoo.com
    5. In how many ways you can write test cases.
    Guru's if you can help me I will be very thank full to you. In my last two interview's I failed to write test cases effectively.Your help may solve my problem in understanding and wrirting test cases.Waiting for your replys. Thanks.

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    Re: Writing test cases

    <table border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border-collapse: collapse" bordercolor="#111111" width="100%" id="AutoNumber1"><tr><td width="15%">Step</td><td width="15%">Description</td><td width="15%">Expected</td><td width="15%">Actual</td></tr><tr><td width="15%">1</td><td width="15%">Go to Barnes &amp; Nobel with a Starbucks.</td><td width="15%">Starbucks found.</td><td width="15%"></td></tr><tr><td width="15%">2</td><td width="15%">Order coffee.</td><td width="15%">Clerk takes order.</td><td width="15%"></td></tr><tr><td width="15%">3</td><td width="15%">Pay for coffee with exact change.</td><td width="15%">Clerk takes money and does not return change.</td><td width="15%"></td></tr><tr><td width="15%">4</td><td width="15%">Take coffee to computer book section, find following books:
    William Perry's, Effective Methods for Software Testing, 2nd Ed.
    Kaner, et al.: Testing Computer Software, 2nd Ed.
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    Re: Writing test cases

    The aim of a test case is to describe how you intend to verify and ensure that the system under test/development conforms to specficiations.

    Test cases should be written with clarify and should be extremely detailed.

    Basically a test case should contain the following information:

    Test Case Title : Functional Specification paragraph title

    Requirements: Generally a cross reference to requirement/s that are being verified in this test

    Purpose: A one/two line summary of the functionality being tested

    Intercase Dependency (Test Set-up): If need be, describes a pre-condition that needs to be fullfilled before carrying out this test case

    Procedure & Test Data: Describes how to carry out the test. The input data/steps must be provided along with the corresponding expected output result. Generally this information can be displayed in a tabular form (e.g. below)
    Action/Input Expected Output Pass/Fail

    Sceanrios should have multiple test cases tied to each
    Positive test cases - acceptable inupt data and expected to work
    Negative test cases - unacceptable input data and expected NOT to work
    Exceptional/Creative test cases - helps detect unexpected results...(thinking outside the square!)

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    Re: Writing test cases

    Be as specific as possible in your test cases. The more detail you have the best testing results you'll get.



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