Hi all-

I am a hardware/IP protocols tester turned now HTTP/client SW tester. Used to load test high capacity routers and switches, economy crash, and now I am testing web apps. So, I am getting my feet wet in GUI land here.

The forums here are quite helpful! However, I do have some questions on test-assistance tools. Not tools to run testing, but rather, tools to assist testing.

I was thinking last night that a plug in for my browser(s, IE mostly) that would log and display source code in a seperate window would be really handy. One for HTML, one for javascript. Then I thought, I cant be the frist to think of this! So, has anyone heard of anything like this? If not, I will look into designing something custom in-house.

Also was wondering if there were any memory tracking tools more useful than the task-manager. Something that would graph memory usage by process thread, and log it.

I am still searching the forums, so if I have missed something out here, please forgive me!

And Aloha to all the new faces here in QA land!