Hello all,

I am a QA involved on a project where we are developing a tool to migrate data from a legacy CMS to a new CMS.

The migration process will involve extracting and transforming XML files generated by the existing CMS through it's forms engine, into an XML format recognized by the new CMS which will use those XML files through the file system for it's form engine.

The primary focus for our team, however, is ensuring data stored in the legacy CMS's DB (that was imported from the XML files intended for use for the actual migration) is successfully migrated to the new, file system driven CMS.

I'm trying to wrap my head around this. For a migration from a legacy DB to a system into another DB, I would likely do some fancy SQL off a small set of sample data, and maybe code some throwaway VBA macro's to do a comparison between to legacy data and the data generated by the migration tool.

For this, however, I'm trying to wrap my head around how to do a validation of the legacy system's data as an input, against the output from the migration tool if that output is in XML format residing in a file system.

Does anyone have any ideas?