Wcf servis deploy etme ile ilgili okuduğum bir makaleden dolayı kafam karıştı. Normalde wcf servisi 4 şekilden biri ile host edilir diyor, aşağıdaki
Recently I have read that there are four options for wcf hosting:
using IIS,
using a Windows® Service,
self hosting,
and using Windows Activation Service (WAS).

How can I understand it ?
In the app server which services resides, wcf works with net.tcp bindgin. So which method corresponding it to ?

Another question, on web server side, I can get counetr from both IIS and WAS, so web server use which method ??

I am realy confused.

I know that WAS is a new process activation mechanism available in Windows Server 2008 and in Windows Vista, and the machines reside on Windows Server 2008 IIS 7.5

That means it uses WAS ?

Different method possible on a 3-tier architecture ??
Every tier can use its own method ??