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    Stored procedures and testing.

    What useful information can you get out of stored procs in database?. What kind of validation and testing hints can you get out of them?.

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    Re: Stored procedures and testing.

    What are you trying to get from them?

    Usually I might look at them to see what they do, and run them independently to see that they do what they say.

    What about you?
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    Re: Stored procedures and testing.

    Are you doing white box testing or black box?


    a grey box? (looking internal and external both)

    Have you developed the stored procedure(seems not)


    Working as independent tester to do unit testing a.k.a. white box.
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    Re: Stored procedures and testing.

    As the stored procedures implement some level of business logic of your application you may definitely use them to separate your testing depth. To levelize your testing approach.

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    Re: Stored procedures and testing.

    If it white box, just make set of input data and then compare it with expecting result (master results).

    But, describe the problem more clear to let us give you better answer...

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    Re: Stored procedures and testing.

    My advice is to run a Trace if Microsoft SQL or use logging if MySQL and then use your application.

    Now look at your trace/logs to see what stored procs were called.

    doing this you can match stored procs and their output to what the user sees on screen.

    This may then help or match to any test cases you have.
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