My company needs to devise a way to test firewall penetration with video playback in Flash player. Player is embedded in browser.

The gist of it is that if certain ports are blocked Flash video player sniffs different port + protocol combinations trying to find a combination that allows video playback.

For instance, if Flash attempts connection with RTMP protocol via port 1935 (default for Flash player) and it fails because 1935 is blocked, there is logic to attempt connection via port 443, 80 with protocols RTMPT, RTMP, etc.

From QA perspective, we ideally would like to somehow emulate firewall settings that block requests via certain ports and protocols in a certain sequence. We found port blockers but management insists that all port + protocol combinations have to explicitly pass (or fail) tests. Especially challenging appears to be testing requests with port 80 blocked.

Can someone point me to right tools that will allow us to test this functionality? Or, perhaps, confirm that we are not on a right track.

I hope it all makes sense.

Thank you very much for your time.