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    Supported browser matrix

    Hi all.

    How do you ascertain which browsers your sites/applications support?
    In previous places where I've worked, I've spent time going through access logs and site analytic information, or it's been pre-determined by the client (eg we need this to run on IE6 only).

    I'm now at an agency, and am building the supported browser matrix. Some of it is dictated by known client requirements, other entries by knowledge of the user market, however I was wondering if there were any other methods that you apply when building your supported browser matrix, and also any criteria you may apply for deciding not to test on a particular browser for one project, but to use on another.

    thanks in advance
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    Re: Supported browser matrix

    Well there are a few factors I take into consideration:

    1) Analytics are a huge deal, as you mention.
    2) The technology being used for the site/application. Is your site using bleeding edge technology?
    3) Security risk. How much is your company willing to accept? Each browser has its own inherent security risks which will need to be accounted for and fixed in the app.
    4) Push or Pull? Do you need the browser to sell your product/service or does your service/product sell the browser? For instance, I used Tax Software A this year which required me to use IE8 or Firefox 3.5 (I think), so I didn't have a choice, but I am used to the software, so I used it anyway, even though I use Chrome.
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