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    Testing for SQL Upgradation


    What are all the aspects/areas should be cover for a web application testing for a upgradation from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005.

    Please give me your valuable suggestions.


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    Re: Testing for SQL Upgradation

    1. Is this for an external client?

    2. So people who help you do not duplicate your efforts, which aspects have you identified already ?

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    Re: Testing for SQL Upgradation

    1.Yes it is for external client(for whom we are developing a product).

    2.We are testing the application by running the database in SQL 2005 environment. As we are not doing database testing and only testing the application functionality, what are all the different aspects we should consider?

    Is there any difference in the query execution plan of SQL 2000 and 2005 which reflect in the logic and functionality of the application?

    This task is new for me, so basically what are the items should be taken care in the Database upgradation?


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    Re: Testing for SQL Upgradation


    If you are testing the front end only the upgradation of SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 would not affect much.

    The performance of the system would be better at most.

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