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    HTML/CSS Validatin testing

    How to do HTML/CSS validation testing? Please help!

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    Re: HTML/CSS Validatin testing

    There are too many things to cover by what you are saying here, so you will have to be a bit more specific about what do you mean by this?

    Do you want to test plainly that the pages are displayed correctly?
    Cross browser validation?
    Cross resolution/window size & dimension validation?

    There are many subjects...

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    Re: HTML/CSS Validatin testing

    Its real pain if you are doing cross browser validation especially with CSS.are you validating prototype look and feel ?

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    Re: HTML/CSS Validatin testing


    You could use the online HTML validator and CSS Validator . This would ensure compliance with existing as well as future browsers.

    Further, you will need to actually render the pages in all the supported version of all supported browsers to confirm and prioritize issues.

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    Inder P Singh

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