In case you haven't heard, the Watir team is putting on a test automation conference in Austin March 23-24: http://watir.com/test-automation-bazaar/

To kick things off, we're also hosting a couple of charity workshops on March 22. The morning session with be an entry-level Watir-Webdriver workshop and the afternoon session will be a Page Objects workshop.

The deal is, people can sign up for one or both sessions by donating $50 to one of the local charities we've selected for each workshop. Then, they just present a receipt for the donation to gain entry. This is a separate event from the main conference, so anyone who is interested can attend - you don't need to be attending the test automation conference (but you're certainly welcome to!).

Here's more information: http://watir.com/test-automation-baz...ity-workshops/

Hope to see you there if you're in the Austin area!

-Tiffany Fodor