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    Refreshing Frame objects

    Hi all,

    I'm testing a web application using a lot of frames.
    I'm currently trying WatiN on this application.

    So my problem is that for example I initialize a Frame object at a certain time, then I navigate on the website and my frame is displaying a new button.
    If I don't reassigne the same frame to the Frame object again, I can't access the button.

    Is there a smarter to do that? Like a refresh function or something?

    Another problem that I have encountered is accessing the controls in the HTML code when they are encapsulated in multiple frames.
    I have found no other solution than loading each frame one after the other, checking the source.

    Is there a smarter way to do that too?

    I've seen how it's done in QTP, and now I'm jaleous: you just have to drag the control from the website GUI, into QTP, and it will detect all the obecjts.

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    Re: Refreshing Frame objects

    The frames have hard coded values right? Why dont you make a script by inspecting the frame u need to work on.

    As far as WATirR goes u need to actually write a script as nothing is drag and drop



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