Trying to achieve load test on my desktop application in which contains unit test & load test.

- Calling unit test with constant load test of 10 users.
- Datasource for users is Access database which has userids

- Yes i did have a loadtestplugin where it handles the "TestStarting" event.

void mLoadTest_TestStarting(object sender, TestStartingEventArgs e)
e.TestContextProperties.Add("SID", GetNextSID());

string GetNextSID()

tableRec = tableSID.Rows[iRec++] as SASSLoadTest.SASSLoadDataSet.SIDTableRow;

return (tableRec.Name);

Would like to pass that userid to my unit test each time load test calls my unit test's function. The above sends
only after 10 iterations which is 10th record (bcoz i have constant load of 10 users). But i want to send it for each user.

Appreciate any suggestions or feedback. Thanks in adavance