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    How to change the default values of Bug template.

    Hi All,

    I just installed MTM and created 1 sample project, I want to change the default values of following fields which i am not able to find any option to change them. Also i am not able to find the option to mark few fields mandatory.

    State: Active/New/Open/Fixed/Reopened
    Iteration: Cycle 1/Cycle 2/Cycle 3
    Priority: 0/1/2/3
    Severity: High/Low/Medium
    (Please see the attached screenshot)

    Would appreciate if someone could help this out as i have googled the above but couldnt get the details. Thanks in advance

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    Re: How to change the default values of Bug template.

    To customize field values in all parts of TFS/Visual studio (defect, task, test case....)

    1. download and install:
    Team Foundation Server Power Tools December 2011


    2. In TFS: go to Tools/process editor/work item types/Open WIT from server/

    3. choose collection that you are working in

    4. choose project you are working in / expand list and select type of form you want to edit/addto

    5. This will present you with an interfact to define new fields, layout and update your forms, and create a workflow or field values based on a workflow.

    You'll need admin access to make these changes and somewhere to 'play around'.



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